Around The World (+ Unplugged)
Blood Sugar Sex Magik (+ Unplugged)
Brandy (Looking Glass Cover)
Breaking The Girl (Unplugged)
Brendan’s Death Song
By The Way (+ Unplugged)
C’mon Girl
Cabron (Unplugged)
Californication (+ Unplugged)
Can’t Stop (+ Unplugged)
Dani California (+ Unplugged)
Dark Necessities
Death Of A Martian
Desecration Smile (+ Unplugged)
Did I Let You Know
Don’t Forget Me (+ Unplugged)
Dosed (+ Unplugged)
Emit Remmus
Factory Of Faith
Fire (Jimi Hendrix Cover)
Fortune Faded
Get On Top
Give It Away
Go Robot
Happiness Loves Company (Unplugged)
Havana Affair (Ramones Cover)
Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder Cover)
How Deep Is Your Love? (Bee Gees Acoustic Cover)
Hump De Bumb
I Could Die For You
I Like Dirt
If You Have To Ask
London Calling / Right On Time
Look Around
Magic Johnson
Me And My Friends
Meet Me At The Corner (+ Unplugged)
Mellowship Slinky In B Major
Midnight (Unplugged)
Minor Thing
Monarchy Of Roses (+ Unplugged)
My Friends (+ Unplugged)
My Lovely Man
Nobody Weird Like Me
Otherside (+ Unplugged)
Parallel Universe (+ Unplugged)
Purple Stain
Road Trippin‘ (Unplugged)
S.O.S. (ABBA Acoustic Cover)
Scar Tissue (+ Unplugged)
Sex Rap
She Looks To Me
She’s Only 18
Sir Psycho Sexy
Slow Cheetah (Unplugged)
Snow ((Hey Oh)) (+ Unplugged)
So Much I
Songbird (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
Soul To Squeeze
Special Secret Song Inside (Party On Your Pussy)
Stadium Arcadium
Stone Cold Bush
Strip My Mind
Suck My Kiss
Tear (Unplugged)
Tell Me Baby
The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie (+ Unplugged)
The Power Of Equality (+ Unplugged)
The Zephyr Song (+ Unplugged)
They’re Red Hot (Robert Johnson Cover) (Unplugged)
This Is The Place
This Velvet Glove
Throw Away Your Television / Don’t You Ever Leave
Under The Bridge (+ Unplugged)
Universally Speaking
Venice Queen (+ Unplugged)
Wet Sand


(Unplugged) = Pouze unplugged verze / Only unplugged version
(+ Unplugged) = Originální i unplugged verze / Original and unplugged version


8. 3. 2019
Brno, SONO Centrum
15. 6. 2019
Kuřim, Kuřimské pivní slavnosti

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